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Christy Thibodeaux has experienced many years of great success as an educator, consultant, and life coach. Her gentle but stern approach to guidance has led many to rewarding feats in their lives. She believes you can be fulfilled in work and have time for whatever positivity life wants to share. Let “The Balancing Act” help you recalibrate your ROOUTT and take you on a journey to the Balanced Land of peace and success within you.


Christy Thibodeaux

*Educator, Social Worker, *Certified Life Coach 

*AllWays Learning Founder, *Best Selling Author

AllWays with Christy T 

Christy Thibodeaux is a professionally taught and experience-learned Social Worker, Educator, Mentor, Consultant, and mother of two. She professionally began as a Social Worker, then transitioned into an Educator. Throughout her work with children and their families, Christy was afforded the ability to observe and empathize how environment and mindset can shape emotional, verbal, and physical paths we take on a daily basis. 


Even in her own life, Christy was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Between her educational roles, family needs, and household attention and maintenance, she felt her energy rock bottom. She knew a change needed to be made to keep her sanity, so she began to make an investment in herself to build a more balanced lifestyle. Christy found “her better way” and began getting life in balance. The knowledge she gained from failed attempts to juggle-it-all led her to make the leap to become a Life Coach. She now lives a more fulfilling, positive, and free-spirited life. 


As a Certified Life Coach, Christy is on a mission to shift mindsets in order to transform lives, which prompted her to found Allways Learning Life Coaching Services. She has become dedicated to working with “juggle-it-all’s and tightrope artist” of all ages. She guides them through self-discovery; for lasting understanding on how to put aside their artistry and place the jumbled pieces together to create a full pictured masterpiece.


During her nineteen years in education, Christy has mentored and consulted educators of all ages and stages. Knowing the ins and outs of burden, stress, and pitfalls in education and educating has given her the abilities to navigate this realm without sacrificing success in work or life. She uses this experience along with her Life Coaching certification to specialize in teacher enriching as balance is possible in discovering their greatest self. She feels it’s time to prioritize and illuminate “Purpose’s Path” and perfect their “Balancing Act”.

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