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Develop-MENTALLY Professional

Grab a few items to mentally assist in your development.

The  Balancing


   Life can become very overwhelming while juggling the ever-changing pace, need, and behavioral environment of teaching. Between students, parent, community, and administration, when do you have time to replenish you and be ready for the next day of challenges or even save a piece of you for your personal life? 


   Let “The Balancing Act” help you recalibrate your ROOUTT and take you on a journey to the Balanced Land of peace and success within you. This book is an Amazon Best Seller. Purchase your copy at

Parallel Lines

Ingraining Mindsets:
Plans and Guides for Success 

This Booklet includes definitions and worksheets needed to puts your success on the right track. It encourages, asks the right questions, and gives you space to write out your thought up plan. 

Wearing Good Vibes

Pick a Vibe and put it on! Affirm yourself and others of success and wear it proud!

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