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Educating Consulting

Coaching vs Consulting

Consulting brings technical expertise to advise on solution. They will provide you with information.  A consultant gathers data and reports on what needs to be done to receive your desired effect. Their time is limited. Generally, there's a short-term and project-oriented contract to yield results. Goals are generally related to programs and funding, and requires limited commitment from client to implement. If this is what you need, fill out the section to the right. We will be with you shortly!

Get In Touch with Consulting

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Decide what you need and we'll work together on a plan to achieve it! Allways in Forward Propulsion!

Get In Touch with Coaching

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Coaching brings partnership building expertise to support the client's solutions. A coach facilitates growth that occurs over a period of time. They promote self-discovery. As they journey through life situations. Their focus is for long-term results due to the coach's ability to prompt the client's self actualization. Sessions are focused on values-based goal setting and solution. Generally the contract can be renewed. This helps to maximize client's commitment to implement solutions. If this is what you are looking for, fill out the section to the left. We will be with you shortly.

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